Most Popular Christmas Toys : Silver Cross Pram Toys.

Most Popular Christmas Toys

most popular christmas toys

    christmas toys
  • (The Christmas Toy) The Christmas Toy is a 1986 made-for-TV movie by The Jim Henson Company. It originally aired on ABC on December 6, 1986, and was originally sponsored by Kraft Foods.

    most popular
  • Cited most often as being surveyors' favorite among all chains in a particular category.

  • Lois Weeks married '56 graduate Hector Black in 1959 and started Castle Uniforms. She has two children and four grandchildren. Ronald Hendrix and his wife, Charlotte, live in Florence, S.C. He is an administrator at a nursing home.



Day 343 of 366
Sorry for boring every one with all the Christmas themed shots since thanksgiving but it is the one holiday I really get into. Most of the other holidays to me end up being one or two day affairs. Typical it takes me a week or more to do all the decorating I like do. This year I just haven’t been in the mood to do it all like I normally do. This year is just the tree and a few things to sit out on the tables and such. No village no train. It just seems like too much work and not enough time. I am not even doing the tree like I normally do. Just some of my ornaments are going on the tree. I normally put several hundred on it maybe close to 1000 (well maybe not that many) and it ends up looking like a Hallmark store tree. I will tell you more about the tree when I show a picture of it.

Tonight is from my Nutcracker collection.
Here is a bit of trivia I found about them
Nutcrackers were especially popular with Germans who coined the phrase, “Gott gibt die Nu sse aber knaker mu ss man sie selbst (God gives the nuts but we have to crack them ourselves)”. This story was intended to teach children that life was hard but rewarding. This little verse made it a favorite toy, possibly because it enabled children to reach one of life’s rewards more easily.

According to German folklore, they were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home. The legend says that they represents power and strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger. A fierce protector, they bare their teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill.

23 day left in 2008 and 16 shopping days left!!!!

"Christmas" Series iBear by NEXS

"Christmas" Series iBear by NEXS

Lost Reindeer & Santa Claus & Christmas Tree

limited edition so it may be hard to find them now... I searched high and low for these when I spent 2 weeks in Taipei during February~

the Lost Reindeer is said to be the most popular and it's sold out in most stores already... for obvious reasons... just look at its face!!! what an innocent helpless look, sooo cutie~~~ ^O^ I had wanted to buy more to give to friends in Canada, but the store in which I finally found the complete series and the Lost Reindeer was the very last piece already! so I'm keeping it for myself. hahaha~

????... ??????????????~~~ ????!!!

most popular christmas toys

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