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Toys For One Year Olds

toys for one year olds

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birthday bash for a fresh four year old

birthday bash for a fresh four year old

it was a fabulous day for a birthday party, we had nine adults and three kids for lunch. (all her friends had other saturday plans, five were in england -we have a lot of english friends and two had a baseball game and another a cousins party the same day) the menu was roasted local lamb with rosemary, oregano and garlic rub, potatoes, parsnips and chocolate three ways for dessert :fluffy chocolate cake, persimmon hazelnut chocolate dipped cookies and chocolate ice cream. and i didnt buy any groceries which is my deal for this month; just used what we had. for fun i also fried some elephant ears (fried dough) for that carnival atmosphere and inside the pinata was homemade caramels wrapped in wax paper, old toys that she had at the bottom of her toy chest, colored chalk, some random candy bars that i have in the cupboard. the kids loved it!

my sister sent the pinata from mexico where she went for christmas. such a great present for a four year old. amaya told me that she wanted to keep the pinata forever and hang it in her room when it arrived. she walked it around the house like a dog and hugged it and let it sleep next to her bed. i told her that it had candy and toys inside and that we would beat it open with a stick. she was horrified. she said humm, cant we just knock its legs off? i said no, you have to hit it hard enough so all the candy and toys fall out and then you pick them up off the ground. she thought about it for a while and asked "candy and toys inside?" and i said yes, and she said, ok we can break the pinata! (in the end, benji had to hit it with a shovel because it was so strong! he knocked it upside the head where i had made the hole so it's repairable and will hang in her room afterall.)

ps she keeps talking about loosing her teeth already and told me she had a "fresh" one right behind the front tooth. lol since i have to get a 25 year old filling pulled out on tuesday and might just get a fresh crown instead, wish i had a fresh tooth to back it up.

'Old' Friends.

'Old' Friends.

The old moleton cloth dog is my husbands childhood toy, it would be 60 years old, and was made by the local vicar, and bought at the Church fete. The doll in pink, is an exact replica of Brenda, a doll that I had as a child. I wasn't able to bring her with me when we came to Australia, so when I saw this one at a local market, I just had to have it!! She was naked, so I knitted her clothes very like the ones that my Mum had made for my origional Brenda. Sweet childhood memories.

toys for one year olds

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